Convenient to everything

Lotus Grove Rentals is conveniently located to Canandaigua, Victor and Avon where all my other satellite offices are. Bloomfield is a busy little village! I enjoy this community very much. Thank you for the opportunity to be here!

I feel SO at home!

Sandy has been the best landlord I have ever experienced. She is attentive to our needs, continues to update this already beautiful building and cant express enough how warm and friendly the other tenants are. If you are seeking a soft, yet inspiring environment that is also VERY affordable, I highly recommend Lotus Grove Office Center.

Every session is unique and I look forward to each session knowing that it will be unlike any before

"Amy is truly gifted in the art of Reiki. Her style includes not only the "physical" aspect of energy work but also the very important spiritual element. She is intuitive and has an ability to tune in to her client's specific needs. Every session is unique and I look forward to each session knowing that it will be unlike any before." ~


the environment was inviting, relaxing and comfortable

Upon my first visit to Lotus Grove for a massage, opening the front door, the environment was inviting, relaxing and comfortable. Every member of the staff I encountered was very nice, courteous and professional. When I explained to the LMT I was looking for regular deep tissue massage to support my training regimen and to aid in recovery, little did I know my search for a new massage therapist was about to end!


"A wonderful experience..."

A Wonderful experience! I’ve had neck and shoulder pain for several months and needed a strong, deep, intense massage to work out the cramps and tension. My massage was very professional, strong, and concerned to make sure all was done comfortably and specific to my needs. I felt much better after the session and I highly recommend his massages. I’m sure she can adjust the pressure and techniques to suit anyone’s needs. Excellent and highly recommended!

Happy Customer