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East Bloomfield is located in the Finger lakes between Victor and Canandaigua. You may schedule a visit by contacting the person direct. We look forward to sharing our sacred spaces with you!


Sandy Hicks,
RYT, ERYT, RYS, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP, Recovery & Outreach

BWSHandsFF-188x179At a very young age of 11, I was labeled “hyperactive”…..after 3 days of prescribed pills , I discovered Meditation with the great Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  It was that moment I realized that I was on a path I first discovered when I was about 5 or 6 in my backyard. A spiritual awakening…..I felt ‘one’ with the grass, tree trunks, sky and world. I had thought the whole world felt this and thought nothing much of it at first.

I then realized I needed to suppress that feeling and experience…..everyone around me was ‘different” than I  which led me to feeling a bit of a misfit amongst my friends and family…..and at some point…..I felt that “partying” was an easy answer in order to fit in society and forget my calling.

Secretly, I continued  meditating and remember watching Lilias Folan on the tube,  and also finding my way to Omega Holistic Institute in the summers. Back in  the 70’s, my family looked down upon this path and ultimately had my Yoga Journal subscription sent to a neighbor,
as I was not allowed to receive it!

Skip to years later………Moving away from home at 19, I deepened my wisdom with many great sages and ultimately began sharing in a volunteer, and eventually a ‘professional’ way.

Since then, a whole world of inner guidance has opened up and will always be a student of spiritual knowledge and practice.

Welcome to Lotus Grove !(named after my Spiritual name “Saraj” given to me by my mentors, Brahman & Amba Stapleton. Saraj means Lotus).
I believe we are all here to serve…..and as my birth name implies, “Helper of Mankind”, I look forward to the rest of my life serving, sharing and being.

You may call me at 585-861-9642 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.

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Thriving Therapy, LLC

Jennifer Frary

Jennifer Frary, LMSW / Owner, Therapist

Congratulations on being ready to make change in your life! Change can be uncomfortable, scary, and sometimes a windy journey. However, change can also be: growth, empowerment, and healing. Participating in counseling/therapy is one way of seeking the necessary changes to feel at peace with your life. No matter your age, change is possible and you deserve it. Substance abuse disorders have been a primary focus of my most recent work. Recovery is a topic I would love to discuss with you. Please also visit my Facebook page at Thriving Therapy, PLLC for more information or contact me 585-371-8355  or email Jenniferfrarytherapy@outlook.com

I have spent more than 11 years in the helping profession. During this time I served individuals addressing not only their substance use behavior, but those with anxiety, depression, trauma, codependency, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and much, much more. I am eager to help you achieve your goals!

My practice is comfortable, safe, and open; a place where productive work can be done. Your goals are of the utmost importance. We will work together to put you first. Take time to be well. Take time to find balance. You’re worth it.


Willow Beauty

Nikki Dioguardi


Price varies
A form of semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.
Look your best for that special event you have coming up! Take away the hassle and worry of doing it yourself! Full face- includes contour and lashes!

Price varies
Prices vary depending on distance, how many people are in your party etc. please inquire via messenger or email.

A face mask that resembles a puddy like wax that removes dirt and impurities from your pores. Say GOODBYE to blackheads! You will immediately feel and see a difference in your skin.
The Genius Ultra emits gentle, low-level ultrasound waves to help push the product onto the various layers of the skin to help get into the ridges. Ending with a cell renewal mask and hot towel

Price varies
Brows-$20 Nostril waxing- $30 Lip-$10 Chin-$10 Underarm -$40 Knuckles & toes-$12 Full Legs-$60 Half leg-$30

Price varies
I offer 3 different sets of fullness classic, natural volume & volume with extensive training in volume. Please contact for any questions or pricing.


Halland Design, LLC

Lily Coleman

Need design? We got’chya! At Halland Design, we know design is personal! We design based on your needs and wants. Think of us as your design therapist! You tell us  what your design thoughts and needs are and we’ll get designing.
We do everything from eye catching motion graphic videos for your website or social media page to logos, business cards, brochures and More! To see some of our recent work visit www.hallanddesign.com.
Design consultations are always free! So call (585) 752-4158 or email lily@hallanddesign.com today!


Lorrie Wheeler, Artist

Lorrie Wheeler, Artist


ART has been a huge part of my life for many years here in the Finger Lakes region. I am an Intuitive Artist whom connects through spirit.  Through this divine connection I create “Healing Art” for the soul, Paintings”.

Request my services through the contact form in this website.

MotherNature Yoga and Children’s Mindfulness

Vicki DeNeers (away during winter months. April to October every year)